How We Work-Finance Advisory

Step 1 – Scope and Focus

A principal from our Finance Advisory team will meet with you to assess where accounting and finance functions are lagging in support of the work. We use ALA’s “Readiness Assessment” to highlight where tools or process can streamline, improve accuracy or provide new insights, including:

  • The ways cash moves through the organization, from getting invoices to and payments from customers, to recording bills and disbursing to vendors and staff
  • How is ownership and the equity structure aiding growth prospects?
  • What are the top 3 pressing market opportunities or challenges
  • Are systems keeping up with the volume and complexity of operations?
  • How does the team make plans for the year, strategic or operational?

Step 2 – Setting Objectives

We apply our experience and market knowledge to find the fit between your organizations’s goals and accounting and finance best practices.  The result will be a gap analysis and recommendations for policies, process and tools for your organization.

  • Identify critical priority initiatives based on “pain points” that have been problems for the team.
  • Get the financial statements–income statement, balance sheet and statement of cash flows–in shape to serve as the foundation for decision-making
  • Set goals for appropriate levels of “readiness”; after the management team, is the priority audience board members, shareholders or financing sources (banks, investors)

Step 3 – Subscription Selection

The ALA team will get you a proposal detailing both available and recommended services–with fixed pricing.

  • Outline of financial management requirements
  • Estimate of duration for setup, cleanup or conversion of process and systems
  • Proposal for prioritizing where we “point” ALA advisory