Step 1 – Scope and Focus

One of our principals will meet with you and your team and develop a profile of the “state of the art” by reviewing:

  • Current company pain points
  • Ownership, equity structure
  • Pressing market opportunities/challenges
  • Technology environment and systems conditions
  • Budget and planning tools

Step 2 – Setting Objectives

We will evaluate the profile and then seek to find the optimal fit between your goals and financial management best practices.  The result will be a gap analysis and recommendations for relevant and scalable policies, process and tools for your organization.

  • “Before” and “After” menu of key policies and processes
  • Proposed org chart-current and target state
  • Outline sample reporting
  • Demonstration of recommended tools

Step 3 – Subscription Selection

Our staff will present a proposal to you (and your board, if you like) detailing both available and recommended subscription services–with fixed pricing.

  • Triage of senior management requirements
  • Estimate of duration for setup, cleanup or conversion of process and systems
  • Outline of priorities for strategic advisory