Khaju Bridge IranSenior financial management expertise to drive finance and accounting topics to be part of your organization’s strengths.  We bring analytics and experience to the table to help you manage key business risks.

  • Revenue management
  • Liquidity management
  • Capital adequacy
  • Budgeting and forecast

Success depends as much on a solid back office as a clear strategy; resourced in a way that meets current needs of the organization, with a structure that supports growth.

Our primary value add is getting services and process in place quickly that can accelerate sustainable growth. ALA is relentless about getting that stable baseline established to enable scale operations. We will manage, mentor and/or strategize as fits your priorities and conditions on the ground.
We are the plan, not the project. ALA clients retain us to contribute as part of the team–that Finance seat at the table providing that voice and using that lens. We are advisory and execution. Services range from coaching for board effectiveness to building workflow for grant administration. ALA associates can strategize and pick up a shovel. 
Having a technology practice is no accident. We think so much of managing growth is about tools and process that you can lead with either, and need both.