Alan Levine - LOW-RES photo by Margot Schulman 2011Alan Levine, Managing Director – Technology

Alan C. Levine builds on over 25 years as a creative executive technology leader focused on achieving business and mission outcomes through accessible, data-driven, mobile and social IT environments centered on human interests and values.   Alan is a collaborator, engaging stakeholders to develop IT strategies and implementations that are universal, trusted, and personal.

He has served as an executive, consultant and educator to organizations of all sizes, nationally and internationally.  Alan serves as an Executive Coach to individual CIO and Senior IT clients and is a regular presenter and participant on expert panels at not-for-profit and IT industry conferences.  More recently, he has focused on social collaboration technologies, and his work on social collaboration has been published in the American Management Associations Handbook of Project Management.

As CIO of the Kennedy Center, Alan oversaw all information technology and e-commerce operations.  Under his direction, the Kennedy Center developed a strong strategic vision, effective IT governance, a unified information architecture and several innovative customer-facing websites and applications.

Alan is a founder and past Chairman of the Board of the Tessitura Network, which provides state-of-the-art software for customer relationship management, ticketing, and fundraising to nonprofit organizations in six countries.  Alan is a past President of CIO/Arts, and a founding member of the worldwide CIO Executive Council.  Alan also served on the Small Agency CIO Council of the US Federal Government.

Alan is an avid traveler, outdoorsman and enthusiastic equestrian. Alan is also a theatrical Lighting Designer, having designed over 100 theatrical productions and corporate, political, and private events.

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